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Dr. Raj Kulkarni ™ is a qualified medical graduate in the field of Holistic sciences from Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai.

He has extensive experience in Clinical setting and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Raj further specialized in Naturopathy Nutrition from Vadodara.

After which he completed 500hrs Yoga Master TTC from Rishikesh.

Always looking to update his knowledge, Dr. Raj completed Fellowship in Sports Sciences from Medvarsity & Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

He utilizes a Holistic approach to his practice in order to assess and treat a wide variety of Acute and Chronic conditions.

After serving as a Physician at a Central Govt Institute, for close to 5 years, Dr. Raj Kulkarni started his private practice to spread Holistic Health through Naturopathic Nutrition, Yoga therapy, and Acupuncture.

Expertise :

Clinical assessment and prescription of Natural & Herbal therapies
Lifestyle disorders and Pain management techniques
Power Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha yoga for a better living
Yoga Therapy and Sports Sciences
Acupuncture therapy
Corporate Workshops and Lectures
Treating Chronic Diseases & Disorders
Stress Management & Healthy Lifestyle Consultations

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