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Cost effective, chemical-free treatment under proper guidance, with result oriented approach, making a person Healthy from Within !

Healing begins from the Inside Out !!

Naturopathy & Yoga are holistic sciences.
It connects the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the person to find the root cause of disease/disorder. Personalised Naturopathy Diet regime & specific Yoga therapy is the answer to many acute and chronic disorders.
The body has the ability to heal itself if given the right tools. We provide each person with an individualized plan that is specifically tailored to meet the individual’s needs. It is recommended that you bring with you all recent medical test results (i.e. X-ray, CT, MRI report, Blood & urine test results, etc.)

At your first visit, which usually lasts about 45 – 60mins, you should expect the following:
In depth symptom intake – in order to understand the underlying,or external factors that might be contributing to our symptoms, and to understand the cause of your concerns / symptoms. This will be followed by Naturopathy – Yoga therapy chart, which the patient has follow for 1 month.
A new regime will be prescribed the following month. In this way, a person finds relief not only from the symptoms but also from the acute/ chronic disorder in few days.
Naturopathy and Yoga, makes a person healthy from within, without harming the body and has no side effects.
Kindly try a new lifestyle with the kitchen pharmacy of your home, and get healed through nature!

Integrative medicine is the key.
Naturopathy & Yoga work well with all the ‘pathies’ and creates no hindrance in either the treatment or therapy. In fact, it helps speeding up the recovery process, and reduces the side effects of other treatments

Body has its own healing powers. Naturopathy and Yoga aids, this recovery and provides correct path towards health and healing. Each person is special and has unique lifestyle pattern, hence it is beneficial to give the body and mind, some time to recover.

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