Medical Yoga Therapy

Empowering better health

Reorient – Re-balance – Regain – Rejuvenate – Refresh

Structural Balance and Alignment along with improved circulation and hormonal balance leads the ways for healing a person from various disorders and diseases.

Yoga Therapy as it is aptly called requires understanding, study of human anatomy, physiology and psyches to provide a personalized therapy/ healing program.

Yoga therapy along with energy balancing Acupuncture helps to restore well being in a short duration.

In Rehabilitation programs, when used along with Modern medical practices, helps to improve health faster and reduce the side effects of the drug treatments.

When used for back disorders/ knee pain/ pain management, in many cases even surgeries can be avoided or delayed, as healing helps to recuperate where drugs fail, as human body itself a great chemical factory.

Therapeutic Asanas along with Healing Breaths helps to gain clarity and foster healing.

Yoga Therapy for :

Pregnancy Yoga (Pre/Post Natal)
Weight loss
Back Pain – Spinal Disorders / Orthopaedic Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Heart Disorders – Cardiac Yoga
Special Children – Autism / CP / Diabetic

Cancer rehabilitation
Paralysis and Neurological disorders
School Children
De-addiction & Substance-abuse
GDB Yoga for – (Golfers – Dancers – Bodybuilders)

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