Respiratory Disorders

We use holistic and modern approach for curing respiratory disorders

Respiratory Disorders

Proper breathing has profound effects on our health. Over 70% of waste by-products are eliminated through our breathing and our skin. When our blood is heavily oxygenated it becomes very difficult for virus’ and bacteria to grow in our body. Good breathing supports muscle growth and increases energy.Breathing is an activity most of us don’t think about, but there are many ways to breathe and we breathe differently in different situations. Breathing a certain way can assist us in how we relate to a situation, and therefore impact our wellness. Changing how we are breathing can relax the body, help our mind focus, change our emotional state and reduce the impact of stress. Changing how we are breathing can foster the self-healing powers of our body.
For thousands of years, ancient cultures emphasized special breathing practices because they were found to have value for a person’s health and wellness. Meditation, relaxation and asana practices in Yoga, incorporate breathing as an integral component of the activity.

We take over 17,000 breaths a day. In addition to providing us with oxygen, breathing triggers numerous physiological mechanisms. Most of us have learned to breathe a certain way and we can learn to breathe in alternative ways. Changing the way we breathe can result in physiological changes that benefit us.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a broad program that helps improve the well-being of people who have chronic (ongoing) breathing problems.

Obstructive conditions (e.g., emphysema, bronchitis, asthma attacks)

Restrictive conditions (e.g., fibrosis, sarcoidosis, alveolar damage, pleural effusion)

Vascular diseases (e.g., pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension)

Coughing is of major importance, as it is the body’s main method to remove dust, mucus, saliva, and other debris from the lungs. Inability to cough can lead to infection. Deep breathing exercises may help keep finer structures of the lungs clear from particulate matter, etc.

Common Respiratory Disorders Include:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Irritation of the lungs can lead to asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis and people can develop two or three of these together.

Chronic Bronchitis – Any irritant reaching the bronchi and bronchioles will stimulate an increased secretion of mucus. In chronic bronchitis the air passages become clogged with mucus, and this leads to a persistent cough.

Emphysema – The delicate walls of the alveoli break down, reducing the gas exchange area of the lungs. The condition develops slowly and is seldom a direct cause of death.

Asthma – Periodic constriction of the bronchi and bronchioles makes it more difficult to breathe.

Sinusitis – Inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose.

We help healing the patient by restoring health and preserving it through Nutrition (vegetables and fruits), Breathing exercises, Water therapy, Sunlight, Yoga Asanas, Acupuncture, Scientific Relaxation techniques and use of herbs is a very Holistic and Modern approach for Respiratory disorders.

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