Treatment Packages

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Packages

Packages –

Daily Package
Weekly Package (6 days a week)
Monthly package (24 days a month)
Only Acupuncture therapy (12 sittings)
Only Yoga Therapy (12 sessions)
Diet & Nutrition Consultation

Holistic therapies, which Heals the person from within, are not only refreshing but also empowering. Our aim is to make people aware and educated of their own health and well being

Our motto is to provide all the best holistic therapies under one roof, at a very affordable rate.
With our qualified staff of therapists and instructors, Dr. Raj Kulkarni aims to pioneer healing without chemicals and drugs and also change the outlook at food, exercise and healthcare.

Holistic Therapies which a patient undergoes includes :

Energy Balancing Acupuncture
Healing Breath Exercises
Soothening Shirodhara
Pain Managing Electrotherapies
Detoxing Steam Baths
Agnisar Kriyas
Rejuvenating Water Therapies

Nabhi Realignment
Diet & Nutrition Consultation
Medicated Nasya
Yoga Therapy
Hot And Cold Therapies
Massages (Abhyagam, Swedish, Hot Stone) With Medicated Oils

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